The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Who are we?

Startup lime is a solution-focused digital company. We are known to provide a complete brand in a box solution that enables businesses and startups to compete effectively in today’s technologically competitive and diversified marketplace. We are trusted for our unwavering work ethic, our passion, and determination towards our services. We maintain a reputation for building long term, sustainable customer relationships that we believe to be our driving force. A trusted and talented workforce is easily the most significant asset a company has, and we pride ourselves on having such a skilled and reliable workforce that always delivers on time. Since our inception, we have paid close attention to our recruitment process and hired only the best candidates with high work morale and professionalism so that we can be the best for our customers. We at StartupLime are available around the clock to cater to customer queries so that there is no hindrance in the smooth flow of our work or communication with our customers. We value time, whether it be our customers or our own, and always deliver high-quality work in as little time possible. 


What do we do?

The company maintains a strong corporate reputation for its services in website development, graphic designing, and social media marketing. We excel in providing brand in a box solutions for new startups, in helping them fast track their business. We help clients carefully plan their business strategies to make them more relevant in the market and help them achieve their competitive advantage. Our work has been streamlined to provide fast, quality solutions for all. Our greatest assets are our dedicated employees and loyal customers who encourage us to maintain quality work at competitive prices.

How we do it?

We have streamlined our work to ensure the highest possible results at the very best prices. We understand the delicacy of each new project as we build solutions best aligned with specific customer goals and desires. We make sure that customer satisfaction and expectations are fulfilled. Our greatest asset is our hardworking and dedicated workforce that is committed to creating high-quality work, support, and maintenance at the most reasonable prices.

Who are our clients?

Startup lime has numerous clients based around the world. We do not restrict our services to geographical lines and instead offer quality services to everyone. Our vast market sector experience consists of Information technology, E-commerce businesses, marketing, and finance, to name a few. We have worked with various small to medium-sized business and continue to expand our sphere of services. 


At startup-lime, we offer the most exceptional technology solutions to a diverse range of customers from around the world. We strongly believe in equipping our customers with modern and intelligent solutions so that their business may flourish and succeed like our own. We strive to maintain customer value and retention, by offering quality solutions at the best possible prices in minimum time, for everyone. Creating customer satisfaction remains our highest priority as we deliver on our promises relentlessly every time. 


Our primary aim is to create smart, cost-effective solutions for our customers and ensure their satisfaction. We have great respect and understanding for our customers as we see them as our greatest ally. We consider our workforce as part of our family because we gain our strength from them as they gain theirs from us. We believe in upholding business ethics in our quest for quick, smart web-based services that keep our customers happy. At StartupLime, we offer professional services at the most reasonable prices so our customers can focus on their business model while we take care of building their brand.